Top 10 Mid-size Executive Cars

Mid-size executive cars are the most popular car segment with a lot of consumers in the market. It’s the best car for driving with family or just a normal road trip. We consider a car good based on its comfort, well-furnished leather interior, some user interactive technology, and good fuel economy. That’s why we have listed some top & highly rated mid-size executive cars.

We can rate a car based on how well the car performs in daily driving. Although midsize cars with hybrid, electric, and diesel engines are becoming more common. But to buy this environment and the fuel-saving car, you need to see the price tag associated with it. Mid-size cars are more popular in the consumer market. As they give the driver a sporty performance and their sitting capacity. If you think of buying a car with a seat for 5 people with outstanding performance and space for luggage. Then the mid-size cars are just made for you.

Sedans offer the rider a comfortable ride with enough boot space. To make the ride more enjoyable no matter where you are planning to go. To help you buy your dream car, here is a list of 10 cars that you will love to have a look at. Before buying a brand new car of your dream.

1. Nissan Altima

With a four-cylinder engine and two V6 trims. Makes it the most affordable and luxury driving car. All models of the Nissan Altima have 60/40 rear foldable seats. A boot space of 15.4 cubic feet also Bluetooth audio streaming system for you to relax while driving. The base model of the Nissan Altima is a four-cylinder 2.5-liter engine with a CVT.
Which helps it to achieve a performance of 39mpg (estimated EPA). If you are looking for some more performance, then you can have a look at the optional 270hp 3.5V6. The Antima’s gorgeous and spacious ride makes you feel you are just gliding over the surface.

2. Honda Accord

When we think of family sedans, then there are just a few competitors in the market for Honda Accord. Its looks, handling, and performance make it the most exciting sports car to drive. Its higher performance 2.0T form with a comfortable and practical ride is what the family wants. The interior of the Honda Accord is also fascinating, its class-leading legroom with enough boot space.

Which is easy to be compared directly with Volkswagen’s much price model, Arteon, compared to Accord. Its hybrid model does not lose its comfort, performance, and space. Also gives an EPA of 48mpg combined, which is easy to be compared directly with Volkswagen’s much price model, Arteon, compared to Accord. Its hybrid model does not lose its comfort, performance, and space. Also gives an EPA of 48mpg combined. It’s a well-equipped car with all the standard equipment and also has an excellent safety score.

3. Toyota Camry

Toyota’s designed Camry is even more adventurous in driving. Its sporty performance and its characteristic styling make it more unique. It has a V6 engine that gives this car quicker acceleration and outstanding performance, fulfilling the conditions of a TRD model. The hybrid features with luxury styling give a reason to forget about the price of the Camry, as it also cuts Accord hybrid in price. Camry even ties with the Hyundai sonata in terms of best-in-class fuel economy, which is 52 mpg combined. The four-cylinder engine of Camry gives an incredible performance but its styling is not what everyone needs but it is difficult to beat Camry in this price range.

4. Subaru legacy

Subaru Legacy is a nicer car to drive. Its roomy interior featuring higher-end materials with comfortable seats and enough legroom. Its enjoyable and straightforward infotainment system is the one that one should not be a mess with. The Subaru not only gives the rider a pampering ride but also has a capable turbocharged engine option. The Legacy is a decent choice in the sedan car segment. It even comes in the lowest starting price segment considering its all-wheel drive and sporty looks. This makes Legacy a unique sports car sedan.

5. Mazda Mazda 6

Mazda is like a tie with the Camry but the Mazda 6 is a strange car for its looks. Mazda’s vigorous styling and interior beauty remove the difference between mainstream and premium. Even its base model handles like a proper sports sedan. It also comes in standard with advanced driver help technology. It also comes equipped with an apple car play with a head-up display at a reasonable price range. Although Mazda is not that good in terms of its performance and sometimes it can also feel underpowered.

6. Volkswagen Arteon

The sleek and beautiful-looking Arteon looks gorgeous from every corner with its unforgettable speed, shape, and its beautiful detailing. It has a large grid shape which makes it more vigorous looking. The car does not lose its popularity for its beauty, with crossover-like cargo space. It is a top model in its class with the best in the class Room for rear and the passengers front. Although its interior, as well as driving experience, are far less compared to its exterior. The Arteon is a nice family companion with lots of luxury features.

7. Kia k5

The brand new Kia K5 comes with the developing design of the Kia luxury brand. Borrowing some of its features from the performance version of Kia stringer. Kia K5’s fastback roof and its stylish curves, Z-shaped headlights, and incredible interior make Kia look more fascinating and expensive than it exists. As by its looks, not that fascinating to drive. It still gives a pleasant and comfortable driving experience. Kia K5 does not have a hybrid option or all four-wheel designs in its lineup. It comes along with a long warranty and 290 horsepower engine with many exciting features.

8. Nissan Altima

The stylish-looking Altima is a great drive for a family or just for normal driving. It has a 2.5 liter with a four-cylinder engine gives enormous power to the car rather than its dull looks. Its CVT is not a brilliant match for its optional 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. Nissan Altima has a good safety rating and is well equipped with the equipment. It also comes with an all-wheel-drive with active bump suspension and a luxurious interior design. It is the best option for a day-to-day driver with a longer life than its competitors.

9. Volkswagen Passat

The newly revised model of Passat Volkswagen has the best in its class styling and up-to-date interior. Although it used to ride on the same platform as it does in the year 2012. Passat’s unique and conservative styling makes the car look roomier and has a similar plain finished interior. Passat’s major focus is on the comfortable ride rather than the sharp handling of the car. There is less to choose from in Passat like a 2.0 liter with 176 horsepower, a four-cylinder engine, and a three-wheel drive option. Volkswagen has added a lot of amenities in the Passat which includes a nice suite of driver-assist gear which makes Passat look value-added option.

10. Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet Malibu was introduced to the market as a 2016 model and then it was the better sedan for families. Its changed flashback styling makes it look gorgeous and stylish, but since then it hasn’t been changed much. Malibu’s interior is plain with its comfortable ride and responsive handling does not compromise with its driving experience. Its premium trim comes with a 163 horsepower 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. Malibu’s 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is much more powerful than expected. That model is top the range model. There are even more options to increase the price of Malibu as Chevrolet makes many driver-assist systems optional.


The cars on the list are marked according to their daily driving experience with a comfortable ride on the go, its well-furnished and good-looking interior along with its user-interactive technology, and of course its great fuel economy. There is a reason we interchange the meaning of a mid-sized car with a general family car. In older days when SUVs and crossovers were beyond the range of an average buyer mid-size four-door sedan is what a normal family wants.

They are still the most preferred option in the market, but some of their reputations are taken away by mid-size or compact SUVs. Hence, the midsize sedan is pivoting towards a high-speed and performance version. Even now we can say that a normal four-door sedan is not a practical option in the car buying process. Even though mid-size SUVs are also fuel-efficient and even most of them come into hybrid versions, also which is more practical to buy when we see the price range of the car.