Used Transmissions

No need to worry more about damaged transmission, we’ll cover all that for you.

Nobody likes the thud sound while changing gears, or forcing the gear to be in the right positions. Well, these issues might come when you have a very old transmission or malfunctioned transmission. Not to worry any more. We know that transmissions for a car are as important as the engine. Which is why along with selling the used engine on our website, our website also offers the best quality of used transmissions. Because of the lack of the proper car transmission, your car won’t run properly, no matter how perfect your car is. There are various reasons because of which your car transmission can become faulty.

Well, in that case we offer you the best quality used transmission, because switching your car’s transmission or replacing it with a new transmission system is way too tiring and financially draining. Therefore we often recommend various pieces of advice. For instance, we would’ve said that it’s wiser to replace your old  transmission with a used transmission. That’s the way where you will not have to repair the old transmission, and you will get a very good used transmission at a very reasonable price. Because once the transmission becomes faulty, then it will continue to become faulty in future too. 

Come to us, we have a galaxy of used transmission. You might get tired of choosing a used transmission but we will not be tired of showing you the list of it. After all, it’s our duty to give you the best product. Just like the dedication for the used engines, our team is constantly updating the list of used transmission. But with full attention, they are checking and verifying the quality of each used transmission individually.  

What’s special about us?

Well, if you ask us about us, it’ll be hard to self-justify. You can pay a visit to the review section for feedback of our customers and their love for us. Although, we can give you a glance of what we do and how we do it?

There are various sellers out there who have been trying to sell their engine or transmission or any other used car part for a very long time but they didn’t get a proper price quoted for the particular product. So what we do is that we purchase the used product from the seller and send the products to our experts team. Our expert team is highly professional and well-known for their job. They run all required tests for any used engine or used transmission, and other quality check processes for every used car part, individually. In case if they find any mistake or any fault then that product is removed from the batch and either sent to the junk or for repair.

After completion of all the necessary steps, we make the product available for you. This is the reason why we say that you won’t have to worry about the quality of any used engine or used transmission.

Why are our used transmissions the best in the market?

As we have always said, we don’t believe that we are selling products to the customers. For us it’s like the product has been purchased by some family member. That is the key point of us, after all nobody gives bad or broken things to a family member. 

In the case of the used transmission, we follow the same rules as used engines. Although we know that there are different types of transmissions in the market. That is why we divided the types of transmission in different categories, so that you don’t get worried about receiving or purchasing a wrong product. Also, it will not be bulky to you!

Our used transmissions are verified by our experts before being available to the customers. Where our experts run various tests required to check if the transmission is good or not. Also, we will guide you in choosing the right transmission for your car, because there are big differences in types of car transmission.

Different types of Transmission

There are four major types of transmission available in the market.

1. Manual Transmission

Well, it’s the oldest and the simplest transmission mode. In this transmission, the gears are changed through clutches. The mechanism of a manual transmission is very simple to learn and very simple to repair. When the owner pushes the clutch down, then in a perfect sync, he uses the gear handle to change the gear according to the torque. The manual transmission uses the clutch friction to connect the engine’s rotational energy to the transmissions’ input shaft.

Also, the repairing cost of the manual transmission is very less. Repairing manual transmissions is no big deal, because the parts are separate and are easily available in the market. 

But time is evolving, and so is the modern car on roads, which is why manual transmissions are now being endangered, but still many people are so fond of it that they deliberately install manual transmission in their car. If you’re a true car rider and you feel the driving, then no other transmission can give you a better driving experience than a manual transmission.

2. Automatic Transmission

The most common transmission on the road nowadays. Every car on the road probably has an automatic transmission. The automatic transmission has a torque converter through which it transmits the rotational energy. Also, the gear shift pattern and usage of clutches and brakes are all in sync and they are controlled by the vehicle’s computer. 

Basically in an automatic transmission you will not have to do much. 

The automatic transmission has its own perk, while riding you will experience a very smooth and decent ride. Also, the learning curve is best in automatic transmission. 

But it has its drawbacks, like the repair costs of an automatic transmission is quite high. Because of the complex parts and also because it has too much electrical equipment. 

But here we offer you the best prices for used transmission. And, also if you want to replace your old transmission with a used transmission, then you are the right place!

3.Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

This transmission method is more like automatic transmission but the difference is that the CVT actually has no gears, it uses bands and pulleys. The car itself decides the perfect or required ratio between gears and speed. As the car can automatically sync the constant RPMs for the engine for a specific period of time. Due to which the fuel economy ratio is very high. . 

Not even the manual transmission can give that much fuel economy. But it’s drawback is that you don’t have to do anything, like just have to steer and accelerate. This transmission is a nightmare for those who are crazy about real driving experience.

And due to the lack of real driving experience you might have to go transmission replacement, but first spending on a CVT transmission and now spending on other transmission can be too much for you. But if you purchase any used transmission in replacement of your old transmission from here then you’ll get various deals and offers running on selected products.

Also, the repairing costs are not as high as the automatic transmissions, that’s because the CVT transmissions are less complex than the automatic transmission.

4.Semi Automatic or Dual Clutch Transmission

The other names of these transmissions are “Clutchless” Manual Transmission and Automated Manual Transmission. This transmission actually offers two gearboxes to function in one. Ironically, it uses two gearboxes but it has no clutch, which can actually remind you of an automatic car. Inside the gearbox of the dual-clutch transmission, there are two shafts both controlling two different sets of gears. The first clutch controls the odd numbers of gears and the second clutch controls the even number of the gears. That actually results in uninterrupted gear shift, which you can easily notice in a manual gearbox.

Unlike automatic transmission, the dual-clutch transmission has no torque converter to transmit the rotational energy. However, the semi- automatic transmission uses the wet multiplate clutch formula. The wet multiplates also uses the hydraulic system to control the gear shift.  

Why are used transmissions better than new transmissions?

Cost Efficiency

The most beneficial thing of having a used transmission is that it’ll save you lots of money. As they are cheaper and also their performance is very good. We can’t say about others but if you purchase a used transmission from our website, you surely can get heavy discounts during peak months and discount seasons. 


As we know that the used transmissions have already been used before by their previous owners, either they become faulty or frequent. We take out faulty transmissions from the list and focus only on the frequent ones, which is why you’ll get the more enhanced and smooth used transmissions from us.