What warranty will you get on used car parts?

There are various reasons for not trusting used car products but there are very few reasons to trust the used car products and about the seller. One of the very few reasons is the warranty. Warranty is the assurity to the customers that, if they face some issue after purchasing the used product. Then there will be someone for sure to listen to their problems. But what warranty will you get on used car parts? Let’s know. 

There are few different aspects that affect what warranty you will get and for how long the warranty will last.


Factors Affecting The Warranty For Any Product


Seller You’re Choosing

Most often you will notice that some sellers are just rude and hide lots of beneficial offers from them only just to get that benefit for themselves. This is not a proper ethic of doing business. That is why it is very important for you to know complete things about the seller before purchasing any product from him. Or if the seller is known to you for a very long time then this is the best thing. 


The Age Of That Product

It’s very important for you to know the age of that used car part, as it happens that many car parts that have been used for very long, their warranty period time is very short. And the same happens when you choose the new and very less used engine, you will get a much longer warranty time-period. 


Brand And Model Of The Product

Not much but there are some brands of car parts manufacturing that offer much longer warranty periods for their products. One reason for this is that they are confident about the build quality of their products. They know that there won’t be any manufacturing defects in their product within a short time period. The second reason is that they are well known reputed brand names, and they tend to keep their status as big as always. Therefore they offer various unusual and unique things from other car manufacturing companies.


What’s the minimum warranty time period?

If we tell you that, in olden times, there was only 30-days warranty time period for used car products, and surprisingly it was sufficient at that time! Because there was very little competition in the market. But now as the competition in the market is very high, the seller’s are now even offering the warranty period of two-years. But the standard warranty time-period as for now is 90- days, which is 3 months. 

Here we are offering 1 year, 2 year, 5 year and even life-time warranties and labor coverage. 

Some sellers might include the labor coverage in the warranty as well but not many do. Hence beware when you’re visiting any seller, know what  they have to offer before accepting the product deal.