What is the difference between the used, rebuilt, and remanufactured engine?

All these three terms are interrelated with each other, but there is vast difference in all of them! There are differences in prices, quality, durability, etc. Well let’s discuss all of them in complete detail. So what is the difference between the used, rebuilt, and remanufactured engine?


Used Engines

Used engines are mainly the engines of cars which are abandoned by the car owners. And those cars are still in unusable conditions in junk yards. So, what we do for the other used engines’ sellers is that we pick up the good engines, and check its performance. If that used engine passes the test, it means that it can be used in other cars. Then our team members approve it and then send it to the customers.

Since not all used engines’ sellers do this, they provide warranties for these types of used engine, as they are directly taken out from the car and they just go through some minor tests. But here on our website not only we provide warranty offers but also make the used engine go through various major and minor tests.

The used engines are the cheapest from both rebuilt and remanufactured engines.


Rebuilt Engines

We can say that rebuilt engines are more upgraded versions of the used engines. As we can depict from the name itself that the engines are again rebuilt. It means when the used engine arrives at the workshop of the seller, the seller confirms whether every part of the engine is available or not. If not, then the technicians fix that part or reinstall that part, and then send it for sale.

Rebuilt engines are a bit more trustful, as they go through various quality checks. And also the damaged parts have been removed from the used engines. This is the reason that sellers give heavy warranty offers for the rebuilt engines. For instance, the warranty period can start from 1 year and can go up to 2-3 years, or they give the 2000-5000 miles warranty.

The price of the rebuilt engines are higher than the used engines but are lower than the remanufactured engines.


Remanufactured Engines

The engines which are called back in the factory, because of the manufacturing defect or under any other company regulation and then manufactured again under company supervision and factory guidelines are known as remanufactured engines.  The remanufactured engines are very much close to the performance and durability of the new engine. The reason is that they are being manufactured with the company being more careful from the last time. In many cases, if the company finds out that there are some manufacturing defects inside the engine, they will not charge any cost. But in some cases, the company does not renew the warranty time period. 

If you want to choose any of these engines, then it will depend on how much you are going to spend over it.