How do you prepare your car for winter?

Driving your car during summers and driving your car during winters have big differences. You must be aware of certain important criteria before driving during winters. Just like the driver adaptes the driving in winters your car also needs adaptation according to the winter road! Let’s have a glance at how you prepare your car for winter?


Things You Should Do Before Winter


Check Your Tires

The first most important thing you should do for your car is to get their old tire replaced with the new winter tyres. You can also go for tire treading. Treading the tyres can help you in many ways, as the treads help to increase the traction with the road. Also, they let the water and snow slip away through the gaps.


Check The Pressure Of Each Tyre

It is recommended that your car should have the tyre pressure in an accurate ratio. Also, check the pressure of tyres at regular basis. Because if the car tyre pressure isn’t in proper ratio then your car might skid on the road in winters.  You are aware of the way to do it, you can easily do it at home too. All you need is the TPMS machine and a tyre inflator.


Check The Heater

Spending the whole winter in a car without a heater is next to impossible. That is why it’s wiser to properly check your car’s heater before winter. As it often happens with the old car heaters, they keep the car heated for a very short period of time. That is why it is very important to replace the car heaters. Because the repaired or old car heater can leave you in-between the journey at any time.


Change The Battery Of The Car If Needed

The battery drains very quickly during winters, which is why it’s important to check up the quality of the car’s battery, and also the backup of the battery. As if your car’s battery failed in between the journey, you won’t be able to start the engine, nor can you turn on the lights.


Install Extra Yellow Lights

Also known as fog lights, these yellow lights increase the visibility percentage during heavy fog or snow fall. The stock car lights are not that strong, that is why it is recommended to install some extra fog lights. But there are several rules and regulations for installing yellow lights or extra lights. 


You Can Have The Snow Tires

If you are living in northern regions or some mountain zones, then it is very recommended that you should install snow tires for your car. Though snow tires decrease the MPG of the vehicle but as per safety purpose it’s the best option you can choose. The snow tires not only increase the tyre traction over the road but also it’s very easy to get out of the heavy snow beds.