How do you know your vehicle needs engine replacement?

More than usual you would have noticed that your car engine starts producing weird sounds and starts showing unusual activities. Well, there are a lot of other indications that can tell you that your car engine needs replacement. So, how do you know your vehicle needs engine replacement?


Why is an engine replacement necessary? 

The most common reason for engine replacement is that the engine has become old and it’s life span is now completed. But this happens rarely, as many people make their car engine’s condition worse by not maintaining it properly. Also, because of rough and indecent driving, the engine’s life span becomes short. Which is why it is always recommended to drive the car in a decent and lovely way!

There are various other reasons like, in collisions sometimes your engine can also be damaged, which can either be repairable or beyond repairable. But whether it’s repairable or beyond repairable it’s wiser to replace it because as you know once an engine becomes faulty, it’ll be faulty forever. 


What are the symptoms of a bad or damaged engine?

There are various components inside an engine. If any of it gets bad, then it affects the whole engine’s performance. Just like that if the engine becomes damaged then it will affect the whole car’s performance. Therefore it is always better to be aware of the symptoms a bad car engine can give.


Weird Sounds From The Engine

There are some very simple ways to know that the engine is not good. For instance, if you can hear the knocking sound from the car engine, then there are higher chances that the rod bearing of the engine has worn out or it has become very loose.

Also, you might have noticed the grinding sound from the front of the car engine, it’s because of the front brakes. It means that when you are pushing the brakes too hard then it’s producing more friction than it usually does. So, if you ever notice weird sounds from the car engine like knocking and grinding, know that it’s time you take your engine for inspection.


Extra or Excessive Smoke

Do you know that there are different colours of smoke a engine can produce? And just by seeing the engine’s smoke you can recognize the problem of the engine. Well, it’s possible as if the engine is giving blue smoke from the exhaust then there might be a problem with the crankcase. The blue smoke indicates that the oil is leaking from the engine and is burning with the fuel. If the engine starts producing white smoke from the exhaust then it shows that the water condensation has been mixed with the fuel.

But if the engine starts exhausting black smoke then it means that the air filter has been clogged and it needs to be replaced very soon.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your car’s engine, it is better that you visit some repair shop as soon as possible.


Other Symptoms of Bad Engine

Modern generations cars have sensors all around the car, meaning there are sensors in almost each part of the car. Also, it has indicator light as well. So, if there is any electrical part damage in your car, that indicator light will indicate you. The common faults of the engine are bad thermostat, bad fuel injectors, faulty engine coil, air flow sensor issue, spark plugs issue, etc.